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Corporate Communicator at ENGIE North America, Former Sports Enterprise Reporter at Houston Chronical, and Journalist for Forbes, Mens Journal and Rolling Stone

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Hunter Atkins, an acclaimed journalist with his work featured in anthologies, has recently embarked on a new venture in the corporate realm. He possesses a fervent drive to amplify messaging through the creation of meaningful content, purposeful brand-awareness campaigns, unwavering audience engagement, community outreach, vigilant data monitoring, DEI initiatives, foresight into media trends, and the ability to meet deadlines. Over the course of a decade, he has reported for esteemed publications, earning a reputation for combining factual accuracy with heartfelt storytelling. One of his notable strengths lies in cultivating valuable partnerships with a wide array of individuals and organizations. From Fortune 500 companies and prominent sports franchises to the realms of politics, academics, technology, law enforcement, nonprofits, and everyday people with remarkable narratives, Hunter has fostered deep connections. With expertise in crafting long-form narratives and concise yet impactful content, he excels in meticulous copy editing, storyboarding, and multimedia skills. Additionally, he possesses investigative reporting abilities, a clear creative vision, and a global perspective. Currently, Hunter serves as a communications consultant at ENGIE North America.

Situated at the crossroads of corporate consultancy and strategic communication, Hunter shines brightly in his role at ENGIE North America's internal communications team. His specialty encompasses content creation, crafting strategic communications blueprints, and orchestrating lead-generation campaigns. A particular emphasis on the renewable energy sector and the organization's newsletter is the hallmark of his work.

Hunter's roots are in the bustling metropolis of New York City, where he was born to his accomplished parents, Robert Atkins, a litigation lawyer, and Elizabeth Hayt, a Vogue writer and an art historian at the prestigious Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). As their only child, Hunter grew up in an environment that encouraged intellectual curiosity and nourished his unique talents.

His penchant for communication and writing was evident from an early age, leading him towards a career that harmonized his love for these fields with his desire to make a substantial impact in the corporate world. Atkins' vast skills include copywriting, publication development and production, crisis and change management, public relations, and internal and external communications. These competencies make him a significant player in sculpting ENGIE's communication strategies.

Atkins' proficiency in formulating comprehensive communications plans empowers him to manage organizational change and navigate difficult situations adeptly. His composed demeanor and quick thinking during high-pressure situations make him a critical resource during crises.

Within the fast-paced renewable energy landscape, Atkins makes a notable contribution. His dedication and engaging content creation skills significantly enhance ENGIE North America's trajectory, mirroring the company's sustainable future vision.

Hunter also pursues various interests outside his professional life, such as literature, art gallery visits, and outdoor activities. These diverse passions feed his creative spirit and provide fresh perspectives to his communication strategies.

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