Hunter Atkins of Houston players by rankings

Hunter Atkins

April 1, 2022



Hunter Atkins pointed out that, we’ve ranked Houston players by rankings in order to help you find the best players in the NBA. These rankings are based on the last 30 days of Tweet data for each player on the Texans. They are also based on the Minor League system. While we don’t rank individual defensive players, we can determine who the best defenders are for Houston. Here are the top defenders for the Texans in 2018.

The Houston Rockets are far from contending for the AFC South, but they are not far off and should try to sign a marquee free agent this spring. One potential candidate is veteran wide receiver Christian Kirk, who turns 26 in November. Last season, he posted a career-high 77 catches for 982 yards. In the Cardinals’ NFC Wild Card Round loss to the Los Angeles Rams, he added six catches.

The top injury earners on the Houston Texans were Marcus Cannon and Justin Hardy. Hunter Atkins described that, both players missed three games last season. Injuries were the biggest problem for the Texans during the 2021 season. Odell Beckham, Jr. earned $2,558,824 from the Cleveland Browns. The New York Jets topped the list of injured players for the year. Injuries cost the Jets a total of $28,670,537 in 2021.

Brandon Douglas is the best free agent available in Houston. He was a standout for the Green Bay Packers last season, recording five interceptions and returning two for touchdowns. His age is still young, but he’s already in his prime. If the Texans want to bounce back from a mediocre season, he could prove to be an excellent acquisition. So, what do you think of the Texans’ top picks? You can get a glimpse of their future by checking out the following rankings.

According to Hunter Atkins, despite his youth, Deshaun Watson was a solid quarterback for the Houston Texans. But the Texans went 8-25 from 2020 to 2021. And Watson asked for a trade. He didn’t play last season while there were 22 active civil lawsuits filed against him. He was not able to play due to the controversy surrounding his actions. However, he’s still an outstanding prospect. The Texans’ new head coach Lovie Smith is no stranger to scandals and he’s already a respected coach in the league.

Jones is another interesting player in the Houston Rockets. He’s a stud in the backfield, but is 25 years old. He rushed for 978 yards and seven touchdowns while averaging 5.1 yards per carry. The value of Jones will reset in the free agency cycle of 2023, which is his next year. As a result, he’s likely to be a very valuable player for the Texans.